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The word translated "church" in the English Bible is ekklesia. This word is the Greek words kaleo (to call), with the prefix ek (out). Thus, the word means "the called out ones."

There is a mass movement of house churches rising across the globe. In the coming days their will be many flooding to intimate places of ekklesia. The kind that looks like family at the table. The kind that looks like doing life in intimacy with your brothers and sisters. The kind that doesn’t look like a pyramid scheme with one man or family at the top, the ministry team on the second row and the commoners on the bottom.

This is the kind of church where everyone including children can share their dreams, what God is saying to them, their pain and their prayers. This is the church that does read together, pray together and worship in spirit and in truth in unity.

It’s the church that cast out demons and prays for the sick to be healed the kind that not only tells you to preach the gospel but shows you.

It should be a safe place. A place that loves you like family even when they know your struggles. It’s a real place of truth that equips the saints to be all that God has called them to be instead of chaining them to just being tithe paying belivers in an audience.

Many, many Pastors will love this move of God because it promotes intimacy and when they really begin to understand the five fold ministry it will bring them much needed help and rest because they won’t feel like everything is on their shoulders. Others will be scared and partner with the spirit of fear, because they have seen it done the wrong way before, or because they don’t want to loose control of something they see as theirs. These are only interested in building their own Kingdom. Others are only after building the Kingdom of God so they will be coming alongside these house churches. I sat with a Pastor last night who said there may be a time in America where we are forbidden to meet in a building.

My thoughts are, that If we worship God and if we truly run on biblical principles I believe that in time their will be harsh laws in America concerning this being considered a hate crime, so I couldn’t agree more. I believe that is one of many reasons Holy Ghost is driving us back to houses like the Book of Acts church.

He loves his bride and he is making her ready to meet him and also making her ready for what’s next. So keep your ears open for these houses of fire that will be popping up, especially if you’re hungry for more. I do have a word of caution for those moving into it, though. We are all pioneers cutting a very overgrown trail back to the original way Jesus and the disciples did things in Acts, so know that it may get a little messy. It won’t be a place where we can put on a plastic mask for a few hours. We will start to know each other’s problems and really be doing life like Jesus and the 12 did.

Many are new to this process. Show grace and know that each person has a responsibility in this massive rebuilding of the true way of discipleship and intimacy.

There should be no little I’s and big U’s in this community. Yes there is leadership but it should be the healthy kind not a dictatorship.

Healthy churches and healthy families are coming! Watch God do it!

By: Danaye Franek

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