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Simple breakfast starts off our fellowship time together from 10 - 10:30am. Our main worship starts at 11am.

Our Worship is simple, we have songs sheets,  music and our children make it special. We do both children and adult songs. We berean every song to make sure it lines up with scripture. That's not legalistic that's wisdom. 

Our worship is simple

We study the bible verse by verse thus allowing the scripture to interpret scripture. We are big on Exegesis. No tickling of the ear here. 

Bible Study

Prayer is key part of our worship, it begins and end our session. We also bless each other by saying the Aaronic Blessing.


Tea, coffee and drinks are served throughout the meeting... help yourself.

Teas and Coffee served all day

We care for one another enough to spend time hearing what God is doing among us. Check ins. 

Team Building Session

We do communion as part of our worship to remember what God did for us through Jesus Christ. He says we are do this it to remember Him.

Holy Communion

We offer a simple meal known as a love feast at the end of our session and more fellowship...

Simple Lunch served
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