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Spiritual foundations are built in the lives of boys and girls through dedicated parents guiding them to learn and grow by hearing, knowing, understanding, applying, and living Biblical truths. We utilise many great Christian children's resources which will take our children through the entire Bible from Superbook, Answers in Genesis and many others. We have also include some music videos as we know our children love them. 

Song of the Month

Videos of the Month

Keeping Our Children and Young people Safe . . .
Children are:
• Always welcome at Agape Simple Church.
• Requested to stay in public areas 

Parents and Guardians are:
• Responsible for their children at all times.
• Reminded that this is a family-styled gathering. It is our privilege to interact with children and young people, introduce them to Jesus, and mentor them by example.

If you see anything that concerns you: Please talk with one of the Agape Simple Church leaders. 

Safeguarding Statement here, click Safeguarding

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