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Three Days and Three Nights According to the Bible

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It is so refreshing to rediscover these truths when we have been misled for so long. According to my 12 year old son, Jesus could not have died on "good Friday", it would be less than 3 days. So he worked out that Jesus must have died on Wednesday evening for it to be 3 full days - days mean three days 72 hours not 36 hours. Some may say this is not important but it is the most important thing to live in truth and reject lies especially when it is rooted in antisemitism. All the dates chosen for Christian celebration has been hijacked to line with paganism in order to as Constantine says that it was a Christian…

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I only read about this last week. Ken Johnson is an expert on the Dead Sea Scrolls - in their finding, interpreting and translating, and, although I had been told this sometime ago, Ken explained it in a way which was so easy to understand and enabled me to, again, believe in the Bible being, mostly, literal, so when it says three days and three nights it is meant to be taken literally. How brilliant it is that the Dead Sea Scrolls were found when they were - more 'knowledge'!

The year where this was taken from, where it all fits in so well, was 32AD.

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