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Is it ok for Christians to listen to secular music?

Undoubtedly, some types of music are sin. Lyrics that blatantly encourage violence and godlessness should be treated as sin and avoided. Other secular music with content that is not as obvious needs to be taken to the Lord in prayer. Ask Him to show you your true heart on the matter and to guide you into what He desires for you.

As a Christian-a Christ follower-why would you want to fill your mind or take up your precious time with anything that is not uplifting and Christ-centred? Even if secular music is not blatantly against Christ, it is not for Him either. Fill your mind, surround yourself, and give your time to the things of the Lord. There are so many wonderful Christian musicians who use their gifts to bring you into a heart of worship and to fill your home and your mind with praise and godly thoughts. Why fill the airwaves of your home with anything else?

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Agape Simple Church
Agape Simple Church

We should be wise with our choices when it comes to secular music that does not glorify God but equally we cautious about some so called Christian music that also does not glorify God.

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