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Do I have to go to church to be a Christian?

No. But you do have to have a person born-again relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ to be considered a true Bible believing Christian. It is great to go to church if you can find a good one, but more and more churches today have pastors and teachers who are compromising the faith and watering down the gospel message. Although you can still find some good churches, but be sure they are true Bible believing churches and not glorified social clubs where they talk about God but there is no manifestation of His Spirit evident.

The best churches are those that teach the Scriptures at each service, preferably verse by verse. Many pastors just get up and talk about life but do not teach their flock from the Bible.

A popular way for Christians to meet is in small groups at each other’s homes. This is an effective way to have fellowship, pray and study the Word of God together with other believers. The most important thing is to make time daily time to read and study the Bible, pray and seek the Lord. Developing a personal relationship is what brings us closer to the Lord, not running to one church function after another.

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